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Request Access to the Peer Assessment Systems

Interested in trying out the Peer Assessment System for your class?

In return for free use of PAS for the next year, we ask that you sign and return a Beta Copyright Agreement while our copyright application is being processed. The agreement, in addition to asking that you not copy or distribute the application, allows us to use the
data for research. It also stipulates that you agree to periodically give us feedback about use of the system. The agreement is in place for one year.

To get started, print the PAS Beta Copyright Agreement. Then sign and return the form to Or, you may fax it to 208.426.2155 or mail it to:

Lyn Moore
University and Industry Ventures
Division of Research and Economic Development
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1139

Upon receiving your signed agreement, we will set up your account and send you the Getting Started Guide. We will also send you notices of updates to the system as they occur. At any time, if you encounter problems or have ideas for how to improve PAS, please contact us.


I assure you that under no circumstances will we use information about PAS users--instructors or students--for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.  There are two intended uses: to support student team peer assessment activities, and to conduct research on student team improvement and related topics.  Any research uses of the data will remove personal identifying information--course, instructor, name, email institution. We will never use the data to contact PAS users--instructors or students--unauthorized commercial or noncommercial communications, such as spam, multilevel marketing, uploading virus or malicious code.  Nor will we ever provide that permission to others.  

In addition we do our best to keep PAS safe. We apply current practices for security to prevent breakins, in addition to requesting the minimum amount of personal data in the system. Unfortunately we can not absolutely guarantee the safety of your data so we ask that you not hold us liable if something should occur. 

Finally, we ask that you as an instructor commit to the same standards regarding the PAS data and system use to which you have access.   Sincerely, Rob Anson