@ Coventry University simplifies peer assessments for your student teams.
Set up a peer assessment in under 5 minutes, then handles the rest– launching, reminding, distributing personalized feedback, and grading!  Advantages include:

  • Easy to run iterative peer assessments
  • Supports individualized grading of students on teams
  • Instructors can monitor evolving team dynamics before problems result
  • Students can automatically receive formative feedback to improve their teamwork skills
  • Various question sets to choose from (and customize)
  • Quick-Load student data from Aula

How to Access is available to instructors online through a web browser.  (Students can take their assessments via smart phone or web.) It is free to Coventry University faculty for their classes with student team assignments or projects; also faculty or staff may use it for administrative work teams.

To access

  1. Visit and SIGN IN
  2. Enter your faculty/staff email address
  3. Authenticate in the Coventry single sign on
  4. At the dashboard, press Create New Class

Download the  Getting Started Instructions to create your first class and Peer Assessment.

How to Use — HELP Link  

Find HELP in the top right of the application.  Key documents include:

  • Getting Started Instructions walks you through setting up in your first class and assessment.
  • Quick-Load from Aula People Export shows you how to export student information from Aula to directly import into
  • Question Library reviews the available question sets. If you don’t find the right ones, you may edit individual questions or ask to create a new question set.
  • Sample Reports will show you the reports you can retrieve from These include a Grade Report with different suggested approaches for calculating grades, plus special reports for students and instructors and the ability to download the data for more analysis.


On our website, this includes nearly 40 articles or short tips related to student teams, assessment, and related topics.  Some examples include:

Need Assistance?

For login or authentication issues

Ω  Contact the Coventry University Help Desk, at …. ????

For help with the software or applying it to your instruction

π  Contact Dr. Rob Anson with Hot Rocks Consulting* at: 

Email:            [email protected]
WhatsApp:    contact Rob Anson

* I am located in Boise, Idaho USA, 7 time zones behind the UK, so there may be a slight delay in response.