Extend or reopen an assessment?

There are different situations where we need to take action regarding an assessment ending.

  1. The deadline for an assessment is fast approaching and many students have not finished it, so you may want to extend the deadline.
  2. The assessment has closed and you need to see more assessments completed, in which case you want to reopen an assessment.
  3. The assessment has closed and one or two individuals convince you they should be able to get in and finish. However, you do not wish to open the assessment back up to everyone. (This can apply only to a closed assessment.)

For scenarios 1 & 2, to Extend or Reopen the assessment for the entire class (those who did not finish) is very quick and easy.  See Option A on this document.

Scenario 3 can be done, although it involves some extra steps.  Please see Option B on this document.

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