Basic Set Up of PeerAssessment.Com  (Video 12:30 min)  This will walk you through the basic set up for a Class and an Assessment in PeerAssessment.Com. It is a four step process: Create Class, Set Up Assessment, Take Assessment, View Reports.

Getting Started Guide  These instructions are intended to walk you through the main steps of the application.  After you get a feel for the main steps, you can start to explore the numerous ways you can customize it to meet your specific needs.

Sample Reports  This illustrates sample pages from the three main reports: Student, Instructor, Grade Report.

Instructor and Student Views of the Questionnaire  The purpose of this document is to help you, the instructor, map what you see during set-up to what your student’s will see filling out the assessment. 

Available Questions Library (as of 9/9/2018)  This document lists all the question sets created as of this date.  This list is intended to assist you in finding question sets appropriate for your class.

Loading and Managing Student Information (Video 11:09 min) This demonstrates two ways to load students using Import Data File, gives tips for creating student data files, and shows how to manage teams and students after loading.