PeerAssessment.Com Getting Started Instructions  (PDF 9/3/2019) These instructions are intended to walk you through the four main steps of the application.  After you get a feel for the main steps, you can start to explore the numerous ways you can customize it to meet your specific needs.     Or watch the video, Basic Set Up of PeerAssessment.Com  (Video 12:30 min) 

Loading Students from Files   The Quick-Load approaches are recommended if possible, because they are simple and quick.  However, if your LMS is not listed,  follow the “Standard CSV File” instructions and create the file in Excel.  Each instruction describes the process from start to finish.

Instructions for Purchasing Classes (PDF 7/25/2019)  Simply create an account and log in to the application, then press “Purchase Plan”.  These instructions will take you through the new options for types of plans to purchase.

Question Library (Page Link, Updated 7/1/2019)  There are a number of Question Sets that are ready for you to use.  This page lists the available options, including the full set of questions, introduction, and citations.

PeerAssessment.Com-Sample-Reports  (PDF 2/6/2019) This illustrates sample pages from the three main reports: Student, Instructor, Grade Report.

Instructor and Student Views of the Questionnaire  (PDF 9/22/2018) The purpose of this document is to help you, the instructor, map what you see during set-up to what your student’s will see filling out the assessment. 

Use Manage Teams to Assess Some Groups but not Others (PDF 4/1/2019) What if  you wanted to have teams complete a peer assessment immediately after their team presentation, but teams presented on different days?  These instructions will show you how to use the Manage Teams feature to schedule assessments to coincide each group’s presentation.

Student Assessment Status Page Instructions (PDF 8/16/2019) This page provides troubleshooting information for when a specific student is working with a particular assessment.  You can edit responses entered by a student from this page, view and resend emails to a student, and test their access.