Help Support and Assistance  If you have issues or questions about the system, or about integrating it into your class,  please contact me.  Email: [email protected]   Phone: (208) 869-2801


Update 4.02 2022-3-25 (PDF 3/25/2022Added a Copy Student-Team Assignments function to Manage Teams, and various cleanup changes. 

Update-4.01-2022-3-8 (PDF 3/8/2022Added a Reports feature that allows you to see how students are progressing across multiple assessments.

Whats New in PeerAssessment.Com Version 4.0? (PDF 1/14/2022)  At the start of 2022, we released a new version of PeerAssessment.Com.  Most of the changes are below the surface, to bring data security and privacy up to the stricter GDPR standards of the European Union.  Nevertheless, there are still a number of improvements to the system capabilities and usability.


Getting-Started-in-PeerAssessmentCom  (PDF 4/24/2022) These instructions walk you through the four main steps of the application.  After you get a feel for the main steps, you can start to explore the numerous ways you can customize it to meet your specific needs.      

Loading Students from Files   The Quick-Load approaches are recommended if possible, because they are simple and quick.  However, if your LMS is not listed,  follow the “Standard CSV File” instructions and create the file in Excel.  Each instruction describes the process from start to finish.

Managing Students and Teams (PDF 4/24/2022) After you loaded your students into PA, how do you…

  • Assign students to teams?
  • Change team assignments between assessments?
  • Add new students to your class, or remove those who dropped?
  • Fix errors with email addresses?

Managing Questions (PDF 12/30/2021) This will provide an overview of how you select Question Sets and edit individual Questions. 

Please see the Question Library (HTML 12/11/2021) for a complete list of question sets and questions ready for use.  This includes information about question sources, scales and applications.

NEW Individualized Grading With the Normalized Grade Report (PDF 9/8/2022) The normalized grade report provides a new level of efficiency and flexibility to prepare individualized grades based on peer assessment ratings.  This new spreadsheet even calculates your final, grades if you enter the group project scores into the spreadsheet.

Report-Samples-for-PeerAssessment (PDF 9/8/2022) This illustrates sample pages from the six main reports: Student, Instructor, Grade Report, Normallized Grade Report, Feedback Assessment Report, and Other Report.  In addition the Assessment Data Download spreadsheet is described.  This is made available to instructors to apply  further analysis or visualization to their class assessment data.  

TROUBLESHOOTING  …  Student Assessment Status Page Instructions  (PDF 2/27/2021)  This guide will help you troubleshoot issues that involve a student interacting with an assessment.  You can check on/resend emails to individual students, edit offensive remarks, reopen a completed assessment, and test the student’s link.


Instructor Resources (Website) Contains extensive tips and articles related to teaching with student teams.

Teaching With PeerAssessment.Com (PDF 2/24/2022)  This article suggests some ways to think through how to incorporate peer assessments in your teaching using the PeerAssessment.Com tool.  Consider these ideas for effective practice:

  1. TIMING: How many assessments should you use?
  2. PREPARATION: How should you prepare students for giving effective peer feedback?
  3. REPORT DISTRIBUTION: When should you release results to students?
  4. GRADING: When should you grade assessments?

Calculating Individualized Grades From Peer Assessment Scores (PDF 1/13/2022) This article describes three approaches to calculate individualized grades based on the peer-assessed scores.  Pros and cons are considered, and there is a fully worked example for each approach.  

Tips for Creating Iterative Peer Assessments in PA (PDF 12/20/2020) The power of PeerAssessment.Com is in the ease with which you can create iterative peer assessments  These instructions will show you how to create multiple assessments during a class to check in with your student teams, as well as repeat the set up for those assessments in many classes.

Reopen or Extend Deadline for an Assessment (PDF 12/31/2019) What can you do if  many students are in danger of not completing the peer assessment before the deadline you set?  What if one or two students missed the deadline, and you really want to get their input?  This document walks you through extending an assessment deadline or reopening a closed assessment. 

Use Manage Teams to Assess Some Groups but not Others (PDF 4/1/2019) What if  you wanted to have teams complete a peer assessment immediately after their team presentation, but teams presented on different days?  These instructions will show you how to use the Manage Teams feature to schedule assessments to coincide each group’s presentation.


Question Library (HTML 12/11/2021) for a complete list of question sets and questions ready for use.  This includes information about question sources, scales and applications.

Instructor and Student Views of the Questionnaire  (PDF 9/22/2018) The purpose of this document is to help you, the instructor, map what you see during set-up to what your student’s will see filling out the assessment. 

PeerAssessment.Com-Price-List (PDF 8/15/2021)  You may purchase classes one at a time, or receive quantity discounts for buying 4 or more classes at a time.  Site Licenses including SSO are also available.

Class Purchasing Instructions for PeerAssessment.Com (PDF 9/1/2021)  Simply create an account and log in to the application, then press “Purchase Plan”.  These instructions will take you through the new options for types of plans to purchase.  The instructor may make their own purchase, or another person may do so on their behalf.