PeerAssessment.Com Price List

Pricing is by the class section, with significant savings for larger quantities or smaller classes. Classes are easily shared among instructors, and can be used over a full year.

The Price List is in effect as of May 20th.  The new pricing will include:

  • Prices start at $25 per class section, with discounts for larger quantities
  • Additional 30% off for small “Seminar-Sized” classes (18 students or under)
  • Campus site licenses also available
  • One year to use purchased class sections
  • Unlimited students per class* (over 100 students is charged for a 2nd class)
  • Up to 12 assessments within a class

Ready to purchase classes to get started?

Temporarily, until our purchase system is updated…
Please email me at  RobAnson@PeerAssessment.Com
Include the name of your institution and the number of classes you wish to purchase.