PeerAssessment.Com Price List

Pricing is by the class section, with significant savings for larger quantities or smaller classes. Classes are easily shared among instructors.  Also, they do not expire, so when you run out, simply use Refill to add more.

The Price List took effect on May 20, 2019.  The new pricing will include:

  • Prices start at $25 per class section, with discounts for larger quantities
  • Additional 30% off for small “Seminar-Sized” classes (18 students or under)
  • Campus site licenses also available
  • Unlimited students per class* (over 100 students is charged for a 2nd class)
  • Up to 12 assessments within a class

Ready to purchase classes to get started?  Simply create an account and log in, then press “Purchase Plan”. 

Instructions for Purchasing Classes