This guide is for exclusive use by Boise State School of Public and Population Health instructors.

Dear Colleagues,

The School of Public and Population Health has purchased licenses for your use.  This quick guide provides information for you to do so.

A. Create Your Account:

  1. Go to PeerAssessment.Com
  2. Under Sign In, select Create Account
  3. Enter your name, email and a password you wish to use.
  4. Open your inbox for the email to Confirm your account, then log in.

B. Create Your Classes: Creating a class takes only a few quick steps.

  1. Log In at
  2. Press the button Create New Class on the Dashboard.
  3. On the screen called Create New Class — Options, scroll down to the Program Plan section.
  4. Enter the appropriate code in the text box:
    1. If this is your first class, select Other Program: Enter Program Code and type in b04163
    2. Otherwise select School of Public and Population Health
  5. Press Create Class

C. Loading Students Into Your Class 

We built a special Canvas Quick-Load feature for you to load your students into a PeerAssessment.Com class. In Canvas, you can simply export the Gradebook, then import that file directly into PeerAssessment.Com.   Please see these instructions.

Help Center:
There are many useful instruction documents at INSTRUCTIONS LINK  Here are some key ones:

Finally, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]   If you have questions about PA, or to discuss how to use it optimally in your class for your learning objectives, I will look forward to talking with you.