PeerAssessment.Com is a great individual and team tool to improve and acknowledge participation, production levels, personality conflicts and successful project outcomes.

Christy Suciu, MBA

Lecturer in Management, Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com provides an easy to use tool that takes the work out of assessing the overall performance of teams as well individual contributions of team members on group assignments. I plan to use it for all of my team projects!

Jim Kroes, Ph.D.

Professor, Supply Chain Management, Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com has been immensely helpful for my students to give safe and constructive feedback to their team peers. I appreciate the direct delivery of results to individual students.

Katherine Johnson, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professor of Mathematics, Boise State University

This tool saves tons of time for instructors.

Shelli Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB

Associate Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, Boise State University is a great way for students to give feedback and get results promptly. I've tried paper, Google Forms and Qualtrics. This is by far the easiest way for peers to give feedback and discover problems. Students find system is easy to use. They can see all the feedback in one place and use it to improve their performance. The whole campus should adopt this tool.

Caile Spear, PhD, MCHES, FAAHE

Professor of Community and Environmental Health, Boise State University

Use of PeerAssessment.Com can trigger needed discussions among team members, facilitating the development of shared expectations.

Chris Baughn, Ph.D.

Professor of Management, Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com helps discourage social loafing, and if it does occur, students are empowered to influence the grade outcomes.

Janet Stephens, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Managment, Boise State University

Extremely useful tool for any course with group assignments or projects. Easy distribute and collect information you need regarding peer performance--this Fall I launched five peer assessments in each class. Plenty of options available for questions and scales, and reporting helps assess individual grades on team projects. I highly recommend this tool!

Joanna Gabler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com is an important tool to get quantitative and qualitative data about each student's performance in online group work assignments &discussion boards. I am very thankful that my program is really digging-in to get this kind of data so students and teachers can reflect upon individual behaviors in group situations.

Betty Miller

Manager, Online Faculty/Technology, School of Nursing Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com helped me do a final assessment of individual class participation and major project engagement. It's made a difference in cases where I could not determine if a student who seemed to know it all and spoke enthusiastically was really the team leader or not. Sometimes they were trying to make up for not participating or engaging earlier in the project.

Anthony Martinez

Lecturer in Managment, Boise State University

PeerAssessment.Com is an awesome system you and your team have here. It facilitates from the questions provided, the element/category of questions that we may choose from, how the system works so well in categorising all team members, and how easily it provides average marks for each individual student. It definitely deserves a recognition!

Dr. Adaviah Mas'od

Senior Lecturer and Head of Marketing Panel, Marketing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Malaysia

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