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Dear Colleague,

For three decades I’ve beeen facilitating and researching teams, while teaching IT with student teams at Boise State.  I strongly believe that collaborative learning is one of the most powerful pedagogies available for college students.

Too frequently, however, team dynamics poison the experience.  Peer Assessments could overcome the problems if students could learn from the feedback, but manually reassembling that data into individual reports takes too much time.  That experience led me to design PeerAssessment.Com, helping students to grow their team skills while it cut my workload.

PeerAssessment.Com improves student team success in three ways by supporting:

  1. Individual Accountability for team members (i.e. grading individual contribution)
  2. Team Dynamics Monitoring by the instructor, who can intervene when necessary
  3. Rich Peer Feedback  for students to improve their team skills


PeerAssessment.Com is peer assessment done right: it automates the peer assessment process, making it easier to hold more frequent peer assessments that return real feedback to students so they can improve their team skills.  Prepare a peer assessment for your entire class in under 5 minutes. Then PeerAssessment.Com takes care of the rest; collecting and distributing the feedback to students, plus preparing a grading sheet for you.

Please give PeerAssessment.Com a try, and unlock the potential of your student learning teams. Simply Sign In and Register an account, and receive a free class trial.  Or contact me directly, I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Rob Anson
Email: [email protected]   Phone: 208.869.2801
Social Director and Founder of Hot Rocks Consulting and PeerAssessment.Com
 &    Professor Emeritus of Information Technology Management
College of Business and Economics, Boise State University


Personalized Feedback

Automatically distribute personalized peer and team feedback to students

Save Time

Under 5 minutes to create & launch a peer assessment

Grades Output

Create a student grading spreadsheet in one click

Iterative Assessments

Run multiple, iterative assessments to monitor team dynamics

Instruction Modes

Use for face to face, hybrid, and online classes and teams


Ask questions and organize teams to suit your pedagogy and goals

Smartphone Friendly

Harness the power of smartphones to aid learning

Easy to Administer

Administer on an individual, department, or institutional scale


  • Set up and run peer assessments in minutes
  • Quick copy questions and/or emails from a past class to a new one
  • System manages student invites and reminders for you
  • Efficient
  • Flexible

    • Ask the questions you want to ask
    • Ask peer-team-class level assessment and feedback questions
    • Administer on individual department or institutional levels
    • Extend assessment periods as needed
  • Flexible
  • Supporting

    • Take your pick: Face to Face or Online
    • Reorganize teams between assessments
    • Support co-instructors and TAs
    • Give students something productive to do with their smartphones
  • Supporting
  • Empowering

    • Free up instructor time
    • Facilitate iterative assessment cycles to monitor and address team dynamics issues
    • Create a feedback loop for students to adjust and learn from their own team actions
  • Empowering
  • Reports

    • One-click student grading spreadsheet
    • Automatically distribute personalized peer feedback to students
    • Download data for analysis or research
  • Reports
    • Testimonials

      "The best tool out there to understand how a team is working." ~Dr. Saurabh Gupta, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Kennesaw State University

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